Choosing A Safe Ice Melt for Your Driveways by Driveway Paving Vancouver

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To the freezing weather, driveway paving Vancouver is a matter of concern. You have to use safe ice melt for your driveways during the winter season. So, you should pick the one with no poisonous side effects on your pet and family members. The driveway contractors have different views on this matter. But for sure, rock salt is equally harmful to concrete and asphalt. Rock salt contains potassium chloride, sodium chloride, and magnesium chloride elements. You will have a lot of formulas, including all of these ingredients. Maybe they have different names. But they are rock salt, and you have to keep them in your mind.

The Use of Rock Salt in Your Driveway 

The common question people ask is whether the use of rock salt is safe for the driveways? No, it is not. We will discuss it for both the concrete and asphalt. There are many proven records that rock salts can worsen the condition of the concrete. There is a minimal amount of acid in salts. The acidity can break down the internal chemical bond of concrete, which enables its strength. Concrete quickly freezes and stays in this state longer than the asphalt.

But salting is a requirement, which is harmful too. When your driveway concrete is reinforced with salt and steel, your concrete will corrode the steel. Now, let’s see the effect of rock salt on asphalt. Rock salts have no direct impact on the asphalt. Instead, it deteriorates the freezing condition much. The rock salt is poisonous and not eco-friendly. But still, the little kids and animals like the smell and taste of the salt.

Even some children and pets may consume it if they get a chance. Consuming rock salt is very bad for the health of animals and kids. When children consume it by mistake, they show symptoms like burning skin, throat, eyes, chills, vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea. The same can happen for your pets too. Another dangerous effect of rock salt is that it can kill the grass, shrubs, little plants, and flowers.

Driveway Paving Vancouver

Find Out a Safe Salt for Driveway

Some people already know that rock salt has harmful effects on their driveways. Because concrete or asphalt paving is an expensive task besides harming pets and people, they don’t use it anymore.

It has happened so many times to people who have used rock salt to melt the ice. People typically plan earlier when they have ice in their compound, and they will melt it with the safe ice melts. Even some of them store the ice melts in advance.

Unknowingly they spread out the ice melt with rock salt before any storm and quickly after the snowstorm finishes. But sometimes, utilizing half a packet will not help to melt the ice. Some pets in these areas consume rock salt. Later they show symptoms like vomiting and uneasiness in their body. When people reach the veterinary, comes out the effect of consuming rock salt. There are a lot of cases like this one in the area. Each year, the same happens because their owners are not focusing enough to choose a harmless ice melt.

Although it is the pet owner’s responsibility to ensure their safe living, some neglect it by purchasing poisonous ice melt. But it is simple to know whether the rock salt is toxic. The ingredients of the ice melt are written in the pack. Here the rock salts are the main ingredients of the ice melt. The damage to the driveways is also visible after using the ice melt. Rock salts are very much corrosive. It can damage the asphalt, concrete, and even the metals cannot avoid its harmful effect from corrosion. Along with killing the plants of your garden, rock salt can also contaminate the water of your premises.

Now you may ask about the presence of secured ice melt for your driveways, pets, and family. Let’s hear about it, know which you were eagerly waiting to know eagerly.

Safe Ice Melt Salt for Your Driveways

Chloride is always harmful to concrete, specifically the new concrete. Many chlorides infused substances like sodium chloride, calcium chloride, and potassium chloride. Each of them is toxic. These acidic salts spoil the paste which holds your concrete together. It widens the size of the pore. As a result, water gets a fair chance to enter your concrete.

A lot of water may be harmful to your concrete. Because the cold temperature freezes the water, it becomes devastating. There is a thin layer of iron oxide in the concrete. The water slowly affects the layer entering the concrete, and the corrosion starts. Thus, it can induce the effect of corrosion in the reinforcing steel. So, the rock salt is not safe for the driveway too according to concrete contractors Vancouver.

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Safe Ice Melt You Can Use on Your Asphalt

Asphalt is more complex compared to concrete. Even then, the salt has the power to destroy its outer coat of it and cause irreparable damage. The harmful effects the rock salt and chloride-based salts can cause are scaling, flaking, pockmarks on your driveways, etc. So, you have to pick one ice melt free from the natural salt. You will find some brands for safe ice melt in the marketplace. It is excellent news that now you know about the harmful ingredients, you can choose others that do not contain all these poisonous ingredients.

Ways To Choose a Safe Ice Melt

When it is a matter of the safety of your pet and family members, you will not care about the money. It is very typical. The de-icer, which has rock salts, is very cost-effective. In addition, it has a terrible effect on plants, pets, kids, asphalt, and concrete. You should also keep in mind the safety of the environment. So, if it costs you a little bit more, choose one that is safe for all the living things around you and the environment. Read about the ingredients repeatedly to make a harm-free choice for everyone and everything.

You can contact the manufacturer also. As a consumer, you always have every right to know which product is safe to use. Because definitely, you will not like to see your kids or pets suffer because of harmful products effect. Whether you complete the purchase online or offline, you have to check the product description and review of the previous clients. It is an excellent way to check about the safe ice melt. Also, you can go for branded products too. Some of these brands have already marked safe effects, and people are using them very happily. You can also consult with your dear friends, neighbors, or colleagues regarding the safe ice melt. They can help you too in this regard to choosing the proper ice melt.

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Final Remarks

Before applying any random ice melt, the concrete contractors Vancouver can also suggest you if you ask for their assistance. They will know very well as they work in the field for many days. So, pick the one ice melt that has no natural or rock salt presence. You cannot compromise the quality of the ice melt when there is a risk for the health of your family and pet, along with the eco-friendly issue. You will see a lot of advertisements about ice melt. Don’t let them hypnotize you with their attractive act. As now you know which one the best is de-icer for your home’s driveways or sidewalks, you can go quickly for the safe one now. Happy living during winter by Driveway Paving Vancouver.